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DUNS #826844164

Negative CANT Adaptor

Price: $65.99


Designed to mount any Safariland™ holster or QLS plate, allowing for holster drop and CANT. By adding negative CANT into the pistol, it provides a streamlined draw of the pistol. To achieve a streamlined draw, CANT the pistol grip rearward, until your forearm and wrist, while in a straight line, naturally drop to your pistol grip. If you have to angle your wrist, you are reducing economy of motion and slowing you draw. The OEM Safariland™ QLS never achieves a neutral or zero, at best @5º positive CANT. Our system provides negative CANT and 1/2” drop, for both left and right handed shooters. Machined from U.S.A made solid billet aircraft grade Aluminum, not plastic.

Be advised of other manufactures products that say “Made in the USA”, but do not specify “Made in the USA with USA materials”. We only use USA materials with certifications. These are the same materials specified for aerospace applications. The difference is almost a 50% difference in materials cost. Words matter.

Includes: 6061 Aluminum adaptor, three U.S.A. made #8-32x1/2” Adaptor Mounting screws.

Does not include: Installation tools or thread locker.

Made in the U.S.A/ Berry Compliant Made with 100% U.S.A 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum.

Anodized matte Black.

Product total weight: 1 1/8 oz. Product dimensions: 3.61”L x 2.38”W x 0.25”H