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Enhanced Single Point Sling

Price: $60.99

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This Single Point Sling is made to the same standards as our Ultimate Single Point Sling, with a quick release snap shackle instead of the Cobra Buckle®. We used super heavy shock cord to support the weight of your weapons system and used a use a quick release with an H&K Hook for the quick detach feature.  Attachment to gun is via the H&K Hook to your single point adaptor or with our sling adaptor (sold separately). Using the Sling Adaptor will make a “soft” attachment system. This will eliminate any metal on metal noise found in most attachment systems. The overall adjusted length is longer than typical slings, for the Industrial Sized Operator. Made with all high quality Mil-Spec materials.

We recommend the use of the Sling Adaptor for attachment to the weapon. Use allows for soft, quiet attachment system, eliminating metal on metal noise and wear.

Made in the U.S.A/ Berry Compliant/ Lifetime Warranty
Product total weight 4 oz.

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